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Trudi's Colour Garden

The long awaited book is finally coming!

The literature of textile art in Australia has, until now, been represented by Eastern States artists and authors with Western Australia missing out altogether. That imbalance is about to change as Bedfordale-based Trudi Pollard, one of the world’s foremost and most respected textile artists and natural dye innovators is in the process of writing her own book.

Trudi’s Colour Garden will launch in early 2020 and we have pleasure in enclosing an Information Summary for those who would like to learn more about the project with a view to celebrating Trudi’s unique story and having the opportunity to support the publication.

Our hope and expectation is that this book will form an important part of Trudi’s practical legacy and a way to pass on the baton of natural textile dyeing knowledge and art that would be otherwise lost to future generations.

To see more info please CLICK HERE

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