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About Us


Trudi and Helena Pollard are a Mother & Daughter Team who both love textiles and natural dyes.

They have successfully created a stunning array of work ranging from individual fine art collections

to their wearable art and home wares range.

Helena and Trudi's skills and ideas compliment each other beautifully. 

Trudi has a natural interest in the development of new and innovative techniques that are

often borrowed from ancient techniques. These techniques are then used in a contemporary

manner to form exquisite and individual pieces.
They have a shared passion showcased by their work which is both diverse and interesting. 

About Trudi


I have been working, studying, lecturing and teaching in the areas of fibre arts and ceramics for 40 years.

I hold a Visual Arts degree from Curtin University graduating in 1986. I live in a beautiful bush land setting

in Bedfordale, Western Australia overlooking the waters of the Wungong Dam.

I love doing what I do, I love living where I live and I create my art work from my soul.         

Kahlil Gibran, the famous poet says that ones work is 'love made visible'and this summarises my belief

of working and creating my art.

Since a little girl I have always taken great delight and interest in natures design, shapes and colours.

I can remember looking, watching, and observing things like insects, shells,fish, flowers, and stone with particular interest in their intricate patterns and colours. I have always been fascinated by the detail of nature. This interest has progressed to bigger objects and I have incorporated this use of detail and colour into my work.

My use of colour ranges from brilliant golden, and bright hues on silk velvet through to indigo, taupe's, greens, rust and tannic on ripped cotton using designs and techniques that reflect the primitive and the contemporary.    I have always worked with different mediums in combination. I find it quite natural to combine and explore complimentary mediums and have used fibre and ceramics extensively over my career to create and express my love of life and art.

About Helena 


Helena's work is distinguished by an elegant and sophisticated style using the most contemporary textile techniques and manipulations. Whilst her work is based in fine art works, much of her work has been expressed through wearable art. Colours are subtle and flattering to the skin whilst being easy to wear. The concept is much deeper than one would ordinarily imagine.

For instance in her Spirit of Freedom show her capes were born from her labyrinth series of art work.

Helena used the ancient labyrinth as her design source as they represent the balance between the

physical and the spiritual.

Her original works were suspended and see through circular pieces of organza and silk that had been manipulated and scratched into with wax and sand. The basis for the pieces were pencil drawings of stones that took more than 30 hours of meditations to complete as they followed the pattern of the labyrinth. 

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