INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND EXHIBITION ON NATURAL DYES ISEND2011 FRANCE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND EXHIBITION ON NATURAL DYES ISEND2011 FRANCE La Rochelle on the water 126267221 Helena setting up for the Exhibtion 126267222 The two exhibition pieces 126267223 Sculpture by the water 126267224 La Rochelle We walked here every day 126267225 La Rochelle Also walked here every day 126267226 Mum on tour at Rochefort CRITT Laboratory Rochefort, CRITT/CDP extraction and application laboratory 126267228 The lab... Watch this space for natural dye products by Pollard Designs and Spicatum Resources - 'Pigmenta Australis' is our new Australian Dye product we are developing with Spicatum Resources - Due to release this year. 126267229 Love those sardine cans! 126267227 Yes France and cheese shop divine:) 126268715 A self funded public artist! We discovered this group of young guys doing this amazing work - fantastic! 126268716 We love the La Rochelle sign in the middle! very proud of their town. 126268717 Love this shop sign! 126268719 Mum in the Colour Garden In Rochfort This garden has been bought by the Council and is being used as a colour garden for the community. 126268720 How would you like a garden shed like this one? 126268721 Helena at the Naval Medical Museum The relevance? Well there is a whole lot of recordings and studies on plants and ofcourse reference to the dyes they produce! It's the oldest naval museum in Europe - The sample room with plants was incredible. 126268718 The Naval Medical Museum Gorgeous Building. 126268722