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Pollard Designs specialising in natural dyes using Western Australian plants...



Helena and Trudi Pollard have successfully created a stunning array of works ranging from individual fine art collections to their wearable art and home wares range.

Helena and Trudi’s skills and ideas compliment each other beautifully. Trudi has a natural interest in the development of new and innovative techniques that are often borrowed from ancient techniques. These techniques are then used in a contemporary manner to form exquisite and individual pieces.

Helena has a talent for combining and emphasising textile features in a way that is functional with a beautiful aesthetic. Whether it’s home art or fine art this team knows what is just right for the eye and the soul.

Their emphasis is on individuality and originality. No two pieces are identical and this is what they love. Each piece is defined by it’s own unique beauty. Each piece having it’s own story - it’s own identity.

They have a shared passion showcased by their work which is both diverse and interesting. They don’t like to focus on the creation of repitition of products because they value the freedom to develop new concepts and techniques.







Now Available - Hand Woven Cambodian Silk

The Cambodian tradition of weaving silk dates back to Angkor times. The art of hand silk weaving is being revived using wooden looms & hand spinning to create beautiful fine, high quality fabrics. All fabrics are woven in the natural silk colour so that artists can apply their own design and/or colour processes.

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Earth Treasures DVD



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